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You pass through Berlin for only few hours before heading to your next destination, what do you do?
You have some free time in your busy schedule and you want to see the latest exhibitions Berlin has to offer, what do you do?
You are an art professional with only little time on your side, what do you do?
You are an art lover but you don’t want to spend your vacation on planning a gallery tour, what do you do?
Differently than in Chelsea, New York City, or in the 13th quarter in Paris, Berlin art galleries are divided between several locations in the city, which requires the Berlin art crowd to move between them if they are to find the best that the city has to offer since there is no obvious Viertel that stakes its claim to the home of contemporary art in Berlin.
Planning an art tour through Berlins scattered art locations can take some time and covering all of them in one day can be exhausting berlinartguide TAXI is the best solution for you.what do you do?
You wanna see art in style with a car waiting for you while visiting the exhibitions, then all you need to do is come to the taxi pick up location at Rosa Luxembourg platz (Weydingerstraße 2, 10178 Berlin), where you will find our taxi, which leaves everyday at 14:00 ( or otherwise by appointment) and starts a comprehensive art tour that constantly changes in accordance with the city’s current exhibition program

berlinartguide TAXI is a unique car service for contemporary art lovers. The service includes a soft ride that takes you through Berlin’s finest contemporary art galleries. Providing its clientele with a constantly updated art tour, the berlinartguide TAXI is a flexible means of transportation, whose adjustable route changes in accordance to the preferences of the art traveler who wishes to cover the dynamic galleries scene of Berlin, without spending unnecessary energy of pre arrangements. your driver is your guide.




berlin art guide

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